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Venue Day Start
Grande Ballroom @ Holiday Inn Lancaster Sun 3:00 PM

Tino Gonzales Biography

Over 20 years ago, the elusive guitarist, Tino Gonzales went missing. He was a working musician in the United States. A Blues man.  Then he went to Paris where they treat American Bluesmen with respect. He toured Europe and then went quiet. Well, we found him in the dark woods of Bavaria. It turns out he has been producing music (His own and for others) and booking music festivals and writing soundtracks for films.  He works in Germany, Italy, Sweden, France, Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg and Turkey. And sometimes, when the muse strikes him, he’ll play live.  And man, can he play.

Tino is multi-lingual and speaks English, Spanish, German, French, some Italian, Arabic and even Mandarin. But his main language is that of music. Specifically, rhythm. He breathes the rhythm of life and it comes through in his music.

Spanish, Gypsy, Arabic and African influences, which originally contributed to both, Latin and Black American music, have all found their way into his repertoire. You’ll feel Santana or George Benson in his sound but with an expanded flavor you’re really getting a World Music artist.

When Tino was young he cut his teeth in his hometown of Chicago. Then he migrated west and opened a live music joint in Seattle, Washington. Touring relentlessly through the country, Tino found himself in Lancaster PA, in the 90’s living in the heart of Amish Country, literally on an Amish farm.  He played Chameleon Club often and even made a live record there. Then he was off to Europe. We are excited to see our old friend again.

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