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“They are an unstoppable phenomenon, and have been so longer than most any other band on the planet.” – Dave DiMartino

“I was finally able to articulate what it is about NRBQ that I love so much — they make me so damn happy!”  – Hal Willner 

“If you don’t like NRBQ, I don’t want to be around you” – Penn Jillette

“If there was a “lost groove” akin to the mythical lost chord, one in such perfect harmony with the universe that it conveys instant enlightenment upon anyone who hears it, NRBQ would be the best bet to find it… Time after time the veteran quartet-crafts pop masterpieces of such enticing rhythm and infectious melody that they seem to have a special pipeline to the heart of the musical cosmos.” — Randy Lewis

“NRBQ’s sense of humour is intact and that’s important” — Sun Ra

“This music will become your friend and speak up for you when you most need it.” — Terry Adams

“NRBQ’s zest and musicianship are incomparable and incomprehensible” –Ted Nelson

“They’re OK!” — Thelonious Monk

“… Scott and Casey are “unfit to deliver pizza” — Kelly Hogan



November 11 release contains hits, rarities, concert favorites and previously unreleased
gems, plus liner notes, ephemera and previously unseen photos.
high noon n. : The most advanced, flourishing, or creative stage or period.

NRBQ n. : An endlessly creative band on a 50-year high that continually amazes and delights its listeners.

BRATTLEBORO, Vt. — There aren’t many bands that have lasted for 50 years, and the list of those still
at the top of their creative game is even smaller. High Noon: A 50-Year Retrospective will offer a
fascinating look at one of the best.

Over the past half century, NRBQ has proven to be a group of peerless and unique musicians,
songwriters and performers, continuing to prove it with each new album and live performance.

Omnivore Recordings will celebrate this legendary band with the release of High Noon: A 50-Year
Retrospective consisting of five CDs of classic recordings all carefully remastered along with many rare
and previously unissued gems in an attractive package featuring extensive notes and previously unseen

High Noon contains 106 songs and offers a new and fascinating look at a great band, with each disc a
unique listening adventure unto itself. The set provides a unique perspective for devoted fans as well as
for adventurous newcomers who might only know of NRBQ through other artists’ versions of originals like
“Me and the Boys,” “Ridin’ in My Car” and “Christmas Wish” or from hearing their music on TV shows
such as The Simpsons, Weeds or Wilfred.

Formed in 1966 in Louisville, Kentucky, NRBQ has always been fueled by a deep, far-reaching love of
music ─ from Sun Records to Sun Ra, as founding member Terry Adams told the New York Times in
1969. That abiding and unwavering “music first” philosophy, mixed with joy, spontaneity and a playful,
unpretentious virtuosity, has served NRBQ incredibly well over the last 50 years ─ whether at the Fillmore
East, the Berlin Jazz Festival, the New York Folk Festival, the Grand Ole Opry or in countless clubs,
colleges, concert halls and recording studios; as a quartet or quintet; with or without the Whole Wheat
Horns; alone or with rockabilly legend Carl Perkins, country singer Skeeter Davis or wrestling manager
Captain Lou Albano. And the band’s well-known fans throughout the years are an equally diverse group,
including Jimi Hendrix, Bonnie Raitt, the Replacements, Elvis Costello, John Sebastian, and Penn and

Of High Noon, Adams says, “I’m very happy to have taken part in this project with Omnivore Recordings.
We had a lot of fun putting it together and in doing so, we had to go back to the beginning. It has enabled
me to come into direct contact with the original intent. Not only that, but I can feel the spirit of every year
of the 50. The band started hot and the band keeps getting hotter!

“NRBQ fans are both brilliant and demented. This music has introduced people who are now lifetime
friends. There’s been romance, marriage and babies. We’ve seen it all. Just about everything you can
think of has been said about NRBQ and it’s all true…all of the good, all the bad and all of the in between. I
think it might be all evident in this box set. Thanks to all involved. We’ve got a lot of living to do, don’t we?”