Lancaster Roots & Blues RETURNS - Friday, Saturday & Sunday, Sept 27, 28 & 29


Mangoso is a funky, soulful, and groovy band based out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Led by the groovy Josh Mulberry, and accompanied by soulful guitarist Kyle Hancock and the young king of the pocket himself, Jackson Trout on the backbeat. Mangoso is known for their head bopping grooves and deep pockets, making them a fan favorite that blends Funk, Hip-Hop, Soul, and Blues in the freshest way possible. You can hear obvious influences of D’angelo, J Dilla, Parliament Funkadelic, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Cory Henry in their music. Mangoso will have you dancing and grooving in no time.


Promotor Note: Mangoso is totally unknown. Mangoso is a band to watch.

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