BC 500

Lancaster Roots & Blues RETURNS - Friday, Saturday & Sunday, Sept 27, 28 & 29

World Class Supergroup

BC 500 is an ever-changing lineup of some of the worlds finest musicians fromdifferent styles of music playing music that takes the 60s electric blues movement to the next level while still honoring traditional blues. It’s an exciting and energetic performance of some of the finest live music to be heard today. BC 500 is an ancient Egyptian term which means Real life experiences and that’s with the band bases its music on.


This 5 piece band features: Johnny Neel on Keyboards-Vocals (Life Time Achievement Award from the Grammy’s for his work with The Allman Brothers.)

Quentin Jones on guitar-vocals, (Rockabilly Hall of Famer) and producer (The Rockats, Charlie Gracie, Tommy Conwell, The Gas House Gorillas, Robert Gordon, Nick Kane.)

Kenny Aaronson – Bass, Vocals. (Rolling Stone’s Bassist of the Year, The Yardbirds, Bob Dylan, Brian Setzer, Mick Taylor, Hall and Oats, Dave Edmunds, Joan Jett, Billy Idol…)

Mark (Dr. Harmonica) Kenneally on Harmonica-Vocals, (Rockett 88, George Thorogood. His band Rockett 88 has seen many young artists go to start their own bands in the area, including Tommy Conwell.. Young Rumblers Ron Smith and Hank Carter from The Destroyers, Mike Davis… Bulletts, Paul , “Dutch” Holland.. Blue Falcons, John Tictin.. Johnny and The Headhunters, Dr. Seth L Ivins, MD… Mink Deville’, Ian Greaves … Iron Maiden.)

David Uosikkinen- Drums. (Hooters, Robert Gordon, Charlie Gracie)