Adam Kowalczyk

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Singer songwriter

Throughout his career as a touring backing vocalist and rhythm guitar player for the rock group Live, (1999-2009), Adam Kowalczyk became no stranger to performing for large audiences including shows at Woodstock ’99, Holland’s Pinkpop Festival as well as appearances on nationally syndicated shows such as American Idol, David Letterman, Ellen Degeneres and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.  All the while, nurturing his solo career in the background with two independent releases including

2003’s “Looking up from the Ground”

2005’s “The Dream EP”

When LIVE disbanded in late 2009 (, Adam continued his touring duties in support of Ed Kowalczyk’s 2010 premiere release entitled, “Alive.”

While this touring brought some of his favorite experiences and performances, it was no preparation for the news that would come.

In October of 2010, Adam and his wife welcomed their first daughter, Lola, to the world. Weeks later, it was off to Australia to continue the tour.

In July 2011, expecting news of upcoming shows tentatively scheduled and possible touring, Adam received a call from band management that his services were no longer required due to a touring restructuring for his brother’s solo effort.

With his new growing family in tow and adjusting to this major change in employment, he anxiously swallowed the red pill and entered the “real” world.

Fast forward to 2014, Adam and his wife welcomed their 2nd daughter, Olivia to the family fold!

After taking a break from music to change the focus to family, having children has inspired him to now rekindle the flame of the energy of his solo material that long sat idle on the proverbial back burner.

Now with more of a purpose, a new full-length alternative rock release in the works, Adam Kowalczyk sets out to pick up the weight where he left off. Pun intended.